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American Flag

31"L x 15" H

Attack Eagle

24"L x 21"H x 35"W


25"L x 17"H x 4"W

Crowing Rooster

25"L x 18"H


42"L x 29"H x 35" Wingspan

Feathered Goose

20"L x 23"H x 29"W

Flying Pig

24"L x 21"H x 7" Wingspan

Geese in Flight

42"L x 21"H x 30"W

Mother Bird with Chicks

15"L x 11" H x 11" W or 22"L x 9"H x 22"W

Moon, Sun, and Star

34"L x 20"H


11.5"L x 8"H, Arrow 21" Long

Antique Brass Base

10"L x 21"H

Adjustable Roof Mount

12"L x 7"H x 4"W

Large Roof Mount

14"L x 19"H x 4"W

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