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On Site Roll-Forming

Chop N' Drop

For our roll-formed gutters or roof panels, we have a Chop N' Drop service to manufacture on site.

For Roof Panels:

Chop N' Drops are advantageous to contractors because of the customization and timing available. When we come to your site, we are able to roll form longer panels as well as cut them to size. No more waiting for an order to come in; if your framing is done, we can be there the next day!

Available in these panels:
1 ½" Snap Lock
1 ½" Mechanical Seam
1" U-Panel with Batten
1 ½" Nail Strip
Soffit/ Siding

For Gutters:

Roll-forming gutter allows you to install in lengths as long as necessary for your project and provides a seamless gutter system.

Available in these styles:
5", 6" OG
5 ½" Fascia - double bead
5 ½" Fascia - curved
7 ½" Fascia - Steel only

Please Contact Us if you are interested in our Chop N' Drop services!

Panel Curving/Radius

Panel curving is only available for 1" Mechanical,1 ½" Mechanical and 1" U-Panel standing seam. Lengths can be customized according to job requirements and on-site radius is available as a Chop N' Drop.

Contact Us to speak to a salesman for more information in ordering curved panels.